Giving back is always a good thing. However, I’ve never been one to ask others to give back. There’s nothing wrong with it, I just always feel weird about it. In the past, people have asked how to give, and I’ve just politely rebuffed their offer. However, after reading Justin Tadlock’s donation page, something stood out. “I simply refuse to refuse a gift.” I thought that was a good attitude, so here’s my take on refusing to refuse a gift.

Financial Donations

  • Consider using my DigitalOcean referral link on a new account. Whether for yourself or a client, we both get something out of this.
  • You can give some dollars via PayPal.

Code Contributions

  • Submit a pull request with a new feature, improvement, or bug fix for one of my plugins on GitHub.
  • Translate one of my plugins. Details can be found on each plugin’s WordPress repository page, by clicking the big green button that says “Translate {insert plugin name here}.”

Hire Me

I’m available for custom plugin development. If you’d like to talk, contact me.